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Everyone loves to dance [entries|friends|calendar]

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[Wednesday the 6th, 10.24PM]
Only using for communities now.

[Saturday the 11th, 08.26PM]
I broke my hand
it hurts muchly
I was stupid, ouch
dance was fun
hand hurts
time to go

haha, nice stupid entry, huh? :-P

[Saturday the 4th, 01.22PM]

[Friday the 3rd, 09.40PM]
I've caved, and decided to give LJ another shot :-P

anyways, what's been happening?
Next thursday, we're going to seebreeze, whick is pretty great!
and next Friday is the formal.
then finals :'(
and Summer!!!! :-D :-D
that's about it :-/ wow, I'm boring

I'll post pictures later 8-)

yeeah... [Sunday the 29th, 09.32PM]
I'm done with Livejournal, I can never keep a real diary, and I guess I can't keep an online one either. I'm keeping it though, so I can read my friends friend only post. I may revive my journal later, but I really doubt it.

<3333 [Wednesday the 27th, 07.04PM]
[ mood | happy ]

One day, I want to be the "you" in all those over-used quotes on your profile. One day, I want to count the little stars and have it add up to my name. One day, I want you to end every conversation with "I love you" or "Never leave me." And I wouldn't, leave you that is. It's only fair. After all the effort I've put in to finding the perfect quote to describe the exact emotion you put in my head, don't I deserve someone to do the same for me? Underneath all the "I'm glad I didn't die before I met you"s and the "The truth is I've never fallen so hard"s, there's a little girl, who wishes she could just take your hand and run away. I want to stand up on my tippy toes and kiss you gently on the cheek. I want your hand to reach down and push a lock of hair behind my ear. I want you to hold me, and cherish me, and love me. And only me. But, I know "I'm not your star" this time around. So goes another day of away messages revolving around such topics as "The only broken hearted loser you'll ever need" and "I'm sick of writing every song about you". But you'll never know that "you" really is you. And your "you" will never mean me.


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